Chiropractic and sports injury


Sports chiropractic has grown in popularity over time as a way to enhance performance and prevent injuries occurring.

A good sports chiropractor with a post graduate degree in sports chiropractic will guide you to get the most out of your body to perform at your full potential!

Someone that does your sport understand better the aches and pain related to your sport!

In addition to treating the injury a good sports chiropractor will look into biomechanical deficiency issues that can lead to muscle imbalance and reoccurrence of the injury. This is quite often overlooked in other type of medical profession.

A pelvis misalignment can lead to an improper gait that can lead to all sorts of injuries including tendinitis, bursitis, around the hips, knees and feet!

Chiropractic is very effective in the management of any type of sports injuries by not only treating the isolated injury but by finding the biomechanical cause and treat it by  adjusting the spine, pelvis and extremity related to the injury.

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