Family chiropractic. Why chiropractic for kids?


We love seeing families get and stay healthy together and we know that health matters even at a young age.

Kids are full of energy and they go about exploring and learning at 100 miles/hr!

From the time they are born, they are exposed to a million obstacles that can interfere with a healthy growth!

  • Labour is a process of pulling and twisting that can leave a newborn spine in a horrible state
  • Falling, stepping into things, tussles with siblings can easily put stresses on the growing spine that can potentially lead to long term issues.
  • Going to school, carrying heavy back pack, posture, sports injury are again possible ways to affect a growing spine!

Chiropractic does wonder for kids and newborn! It is natural and very effective! The adjustments are gentle and very safe. They are tailored to newborn/children size and needs. Only eye ball pressure is use to make correction on a child or newborn.

Don’t leave your kids at home! Let them get the benefit of chiropractic too!

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